About Timeless Beauties Studio Kitchener

Discover your WOW! and accentuate your true beauty!

Welcome to Timeless Beauties! 

In our studio, you'll get special one-on-one attention with no distractions!   You deserve it! You’ve been so busy looking after everyone else that you may have overlooked the importance of taking care of yourself… now is the time to focus on your image and personal style so you can look and feel your best!

Our beauty services include make-up, colour and personal style on a holistic level (the whole picture).   We evaluate all of your assets (and everyone has assets) and accentuate them to help you feel authentically you...the best you, and to reveal your "WOW!".  

We'll provide you with an updated make-up look so you can still look like you….without overdoing it (not like your wearing a mask).  The products we use in our studio are reputable, mid-to-high-end products.  You'll be given practical advice and tips on skin care and make-up application.  And you'll leave the studio feeling beautiful and ready to WOW your family and friends.  We also provide make-up workshops (a great girls night out!) to small groups when requested.

Another one of our beauty services is Seasonal Colour Analysis. Colour plays a very important role in creating your WOW!  We have a passion for colour.  Colour is energy.  To ensure you look your best, you need to wear your best colours, your WOW colours!  They'll help you to feel refreshed and look more youthful.  Once you've had your colour analysis done, you'll leave knowing exactly what colours are authentically yours.  You'll even take home your personalized colour swatch book to take shopping with you.

To pull your look together and develop the whole picture we'll work together to find your authentic style.  Imagine knowing the best types of clothing and accessories to accentuate your body type and personal style.  With a comprehensive style analysis  you'll get personalized style recommendations so you'll be ready  to take on the world! Included with the service is a comprehensive style portfolio which you can take home and refer to over again.