Seasonal Colour Analysis

Want to look amazing?

A seasonal colour analysis will help you find your WOW colours! 

During the seasonal colour analysis, we'll work together to determine your colours which will help you feel REJUVENATED and CONFIDENT.

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Colour is the foundation for a good image!  Colour is energy!

What comes to your mind when you think of colour and your appearance?

warm and cool colour wheel

Do you ever ask yourself the following questions?

  • Do you have clothing in your closet that you never wear?
  • Do ever wonder if you're wearing the right hair colour?
  • Do you receive compliments only on a few of your wardrobe items?
  • Do you have trouble coordinating your outfits to look complete?
  • Would you like to be more confident knowing your best makeup colours?
  • Do you ever feel your energy is low when you're wearing certain colours?
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Don't let colour wear you

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions there's a strong possibility you're not making the best colour selections for you.  Colour affects how others see and respond to you and how you feel about yourself.   

Colour shouldn’t be the first thing that people see when you enter a room – if it is - the colour is wearing you.  

You can use colour to your advantage. To be most effective the colour must enhance and be in balance with your natural colouringGood colour will always lift the face and draw attention to your sparkling eyes. This can be most beneficial when you’re in certain situations like a job interview, business meeting or even a special social situation.

The wrong colours will dull your skin and age your face immediately– 

-you certainly don’t want you?

The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you !

- Coco Chanel

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Did you know that colour can affect you psychologically or physiologically?

Colour has a huge impact on your overall image and general sense of well-being.  Here are some examples of how colour can affect your everyday life. 

Blue is the colour of trust and responsibility.  It symbolizes reliability and responsibility, inner security and confidence.

The navy blue suit became the professional uniform in the 1980's to give the message of credibility and authority.  

Purple is the colour of spirituality and meditation – great to wear in an easy, relaxed setting.

Red is the colour of energy.  When you wear red you feel confident and in control.  It’s a good colour to wear when you want to draw attention to yourself and to increase your energy.

When you wear green you show your creativity and imagination.

When you shop for clothing, the colours on the racks are already pre-selected and designed by the fashion industry for that particular season.  

It’s a good idea to be knowledgeable of what works for you since we're all individually different.  If a certain colour is picked as popular for the season and it's just not what you feel suits your colouring you can still add it in as an accessory – this way it keeps you current but doesn’t take away from your natural glow and positive energy!

That's where a SEASONAL COLOUR ANALYSIS can benefit you.

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Seasonal Colour Analysis

During the seasonal colour analysis, we'll work together to determine your WOW colours which will help you feel REJUVENATED and CONFIDENT!  

Are you a "cool" or "warm" undertone?

We'll begin by using a colour draping system to determine your skin’s undertone to see whether you’re a cool (blue based) or warm (yellow-based) undertone. It’s not something that can be done accurately with just the naked eye. What we do see with the naked eye, without draping, is your overtone.

Overtone is what you see on the surface of your skin. Your overtone changes as you ago.   For example sun spots, sun exposure, skin redness, hormonal masks and acne scars all affect your skin’s overtone.

Your undertone is made up of a combination of three pigments: 

  • Hemoglobin
  • Carotene
  • Melanin  

Your hemoglobin’s red colour and carotene’s yellow colour help to determine your coolness or warmth while your melanin’s brownish/black colour indicates the lightness or darkness of your skin.  For example, the higher the value and intensity of melanin, the darker your skin is.

Once we know whether you’re a cool or warm colouring we'll then go through the seasonal colour analysis process.

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Which season are you?

Next, we'll look at the seasons of colour where we'll find out what your best colours are; if you're a "cool" – are you a summer or winter?  If you're a "warm" – are you a spring or fall?

There's a chance that you might not fall directly into any one of the four seasons. That’s when we’d look to something called “flow palettes”. Here we'll work with an additional twelve colour flow variations of the four seasons mentioned above.

seasonal color analysis

This is where we take into consideration not only your undertone but the colour value (deep, light) and intensity (soft, clear).

The colours you wear should complement and harmonize with the natural colours found in your skin, hair and eyes.  

find your wow colours with a seasonal colour analysis

At the end of our session together you'll have knowledge of all your best colours or what we call your WOW colours.

You'll take home your personal palette which you can carry with you and refer to on your next shopping adventure

A seasonal colour analysis will save you time and money!  

Imagine having clothes in your closet that you’ll feel confident wearing and get more of those compliments you enjoy and deserve!

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