About Jacqueline Tintinalli
Makeup Artist Image Consultant 

First off I’d like to say hello and welcome to Timeless Beauties.  I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. I've been married to my husband Leo for over 30 wonderful years.  We have three children, two grandchildren and two grand doggies.  

I'm also an entrepreneur - a certified image consultant and professional makeup artist dedicated to helping women over 40 find their WOW! by revealing their inner and outer best selves.  

I'm so passionate and excited to share with you what I've learned about beauty and style over the years.


Jacqueline Tintinalli, Professional Makeup Artist and Image Consultant, Founder of Timeless Beauties Studio by JacquelineJacqueline Tintinalli, Professional Makeup Artist, Image Consultant, Founder of Timeless Beauties Studio by Jacqueline

My Story...

For over 20 years I worked for one of Canada’ largest banks. During my banking career I grew to learn how important it was to look after my appearance -not only to conform to corporate standards, but to boost my self-confidence. 

“Dress for Success” was the big buzz in the 80’s

I was hooked – I was passionate!

I began reading fashion and style magazines and books to learn how to take better care of my skin, apply make up more effectively and spruce up my wardrobe. I even started my own part-time home based business selling cosmetics which was a lot of fun and quite educational.

When I got “downsized” from the bank just one year after coming back to work off of maternity leave, I decided to pursue my passion for style and fashion and landed a sales position at a local women’s specialty clothing store for a few years. It was a great learning experience and allowed me to get closer to the industry I was so excited about.

After a few years in retail and in an attempt to explore another aspect of my interests I found myself working as a Chiropractor’s assistant running a busy office for over ten years. I’ve always had a keen interest in healthy living and once again I gained a lot of knowledge on natural wellness and healing as a result.

During that time I was introduced to an organization that was teaching a fairly new concept called - Holistic Image Consulting - which focused on helping women to reveal both their inner and the outer beauty.  I knew then that my true calling was to be a certified Image Consultant and professional Makeup Artist.  Therefore over coming the years I attended almost every seminar and workshop available so that I could learn as much as possible.

My Dream Come True

Looking back over the years I realize that I had been preparing myself all this time to become what I truly aspired to. 

Finally in 2013 I decided to take the plunge and pursue my dream to become a certified Image Consultant and professional Make-up Artist. 

I went back to school and attended George Brown College in Toronto and received my certification as an Image Consultant, a program created by Karen Brunger, the founder and President of the International Image Institute.  I  then contacted QC Makeup Academy and worked on getting my Makeup Artist certificate which was taught to me by celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson.  These changes were a challenge for me at my age (mid-50's at the time), but I decided I needed to do something to make me happy.  My husband and family were totally supportive.

After that I partnered up with my daughter Krista to open our private in-home studio that we had named Blink Beauty Studio.  We provided aesthetic, makeup and image services to women for 2 years in this studio.   After 2 years of  growing the studio, Krista decided it was time to move to another location where should could accommodate her rapidly growing clientele under the name Blink Lash Extensions Services.  

I continue to provide my makeup and personal images services under the new name Timeless Beauties Studio where I help women (and men too!) over 40 to discover their WOW! and accentuate their true beauty.

So give me a call or send me an email and let's talk.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about makeup, style and even making a midlife change like I did.  

Remember this quote from Coco Chanel:

"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty
and irresistible the rest of your life"

I'm looking forward to our friendship!

Jacqueline Tintinalli

PS - Don’t let anyone or anything steal your dream!

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