Makeup Application Tips For Women Over 40

Looking for makeup application tips to simplify your life?

  • Best types of primer, foundation and concealers to use for your mature skin?

  • Eye makeup tips to make your eyes look brighter and younger?

  • Whether to wear cream or powder blush and how to choose the best colour for you?

  • Should you wear a bold lip or stick to a soft natural lip colour?
makeup application tips

These are just a few of the questions you might ask as you’re trying to keep yourself aging-well! Below you'll get some simple, anti aging makeup tips to keep you looking great! 

First, your skin care routine is very important.  Think of your face as your canvas - before you even start with the application of makeup you want to ensure it’s prepared for your makeup. Cleanse, tone and moisturize in the morning and before bedtime daily while always adding your sun protection to your morning routine year round.  

This is the basis of anti-aging or as I like to call it “aging well”.  

Makeup is a series of wonderful cosmetic products introduced into the market many years ago to aid in expressing the female spirit.  I’m thankful for this as I can’t imagine going out without my makeup on.  I express my spirit every day!

That’s just my personal view but I know many women wear little or no makeup because they either don’t know what type to buy, how to apply it and/or feel that they don’t have the time to apply it. That's why I've provided the 8 makeup application tips below.  

The purpose of makeup is to accentuate the positive and diminish the not so positive.  

Makeup provides us with the feel good factor –

when you feel good, you feel beautiful and confident!

Because there are so many options being marketed to women these days, it can be very confusing when shopping for cosmetics.   As we age, we can tend to give up on trying to figure it all out.

Please don’t give up!  Spend some time on yourself – you're worth it.

It really does make an amazing difference! - even by applying just a little bit, properly.  

As you mature, you need to take a little extra care to lift and focus on your best features.

When you apply age appropriate makeup, it can create balance.  It can help to make you look rested and radiant!

Makeup also acts as a skin protector and can combat the signs of aging; it just takes some simple tips (see below) and then a little practice and patience.

Many women just want to have the natural look, which is a great look, but remember it’s not just some moisturizer and running a comb through your hair.  All you need to add is a sheer lip colour, some mascara and a little cheek colour.  

Following the anti-aging makeup tips below will help you feel great about how well you look!

The key is to define your best features and add a little colour.  

For example, your eyes can be one of your best features, so by defining your eyes and keeping the rest of your makeup soft you can have a beautiful, finished, age appropriate look.

Remember less is more!

8 Simple Makeup Application Tips 

As you age, you tend to lose some of the colour in your face, so makeup is a great tool to brighten up your complexion and to help you look rested and more radiant.

Below are 8 quick and simple makeup application tips to follow for a refreshed and natural look.  

  1. Apply complexion concealers under the eye area and around the nose and mouth to cover any darkness, redness or spots that you want to cover up.  Under eye concealers should have a pink or peachy undertone depending on the tone of your skin.  

  2. Next, apply eyelid concealers.  This helps to brighten and even out the skin tone on the eyelid. You can use the concealers as a base for under your eye shadow or you can just leave it as is - which looks great too!  You could also use a quick application of a neutral cream eye shadow that’ll give you the same effect.

  3. With a Kabuki brush, apply your mineral powder foundation.  This is an easy application and there are some great mineral foundations formulated for mature skin.  If you prefer to use a liquid foundation, I suggest that you reverse the concealers application steps by applying them after you have applied the liquid foundation.   BB creams and CC creams are very popular with a variety of anti aging properties built into them.

  4. Define your eyebrow with a brow pencil or brow powder.  Your eyebrows frame your face and really make a difference to your appearance - helping you to look rested and awake.  Make sure to use light, soft, hair-like strokes.  If you’re fair-haired, it’s best to use a slightly darker colour – maybe one or two shades darker than your hair colour.  If you have dark hair, usually a shade a bit lighter works well.

  5. Next, apply either a charcoal, black or dark brown eye shadow powder by lining with a small eye lining brush right up against your upper lash line.  This will make a huge difference by opening up and defining your eyes.  

    If you’re more comfortable with an eye pencil then go ahead and use it - just smudge it into your lash line.  It’s a great tip too if you wear glasses.  It really defines your eyes.

    Note: Don’t apply it to your bottom lashes, as it could appear too harsh. 

    If you really want to define your lower lash line, use a light taupe powder. Start from the middle and work your way to the outer part of your lash line.

  6. To finish off your eyes, apply black or dark brown volumizing mascara.  Apply it as close to the root of your lashes as possible.  It’ll make your lashes look a lot fuller – even if you have very fine or hardly any lashes.

  7. Apply your cream blush to your cheeks now.   If you tend to have dry skin, the cream blush is a great option.  Dab it onto the part of your cheek that pops up as you smile. Then blend it out with your fingers towards the middle of your ear.  Be careful not to apply it too high or too low on the cheek.  It’s very important to blend, blend and blend. You don’t want any definition colour lines on your face.

  8. Finally, a little colour on your lips always helps to liven up your face.  Lipstick with a cream or satin finish is moisturizing and easy to apply.  You could always use a tinted lip-gloss too.  It’s best not to use too dark of a colour as this can appear too harsh and make your lips look smaller.

“Lipstick is the Match that lights the Fire of the Face”

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